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How to become Certified

Do you want to work in the regulated child care sector in Newfoundland and Labrador?

Are you a trained Early Childhood Educator who would like professional recognition of your post-secondary credentials?

If you answered "Yes" to either of these questions then you need to learn more about Child Care Services Certification in Newfoundland and Labrador!

What is Child Care Services (CCS) Certification?

CCS Certification is the process that allows for the assessment of the level of training of Child Care Providers in the licensed/regulated child care system, and/or those with a background in Early Childhood Learning and Care.

Please note that Child Care Services Certification is just one of the requirements for individuals to work in regulated child care in NL. Please check with Child Care Licensing personnel in your Child Care Services regions for other requirements.

The CCS Certification process of certification results in level/s (that is, how much post-secondary child care education you hold) and classification/s (that is, the age groups or settings for which you are certified) being assigned to an individual based on their educational background. An information booklet is available for download in the sidebar which will give you further information about the process of CCS certification.

The Association of Early Childhood Educators Newfoundland – Labrador (AECENL) is funded by the Newfoundland and Labrador Provincial Government through government funding to provide the Child Care Services Certification service and to support the orientation courses that may be necessary for a person to achieve certification in a particular classification. CCS Certification is an important first step in obtaining recognition for the valuable work that encompasses the child care sector.

It also provides a professional career path that recognizes and encourages further professional training and development, which ultimately improves the quality of care for children in our province.

Certification also demonstrates to our communities and to our society as a whole that child care providers are a trained, professional group of people who possess the skills, training and ability required to provide care and education to the most vulnerable segment of our society - our children.

How do I become certified the first time?

You will find application forms in the sidebar for download. The Initial application form is to be used if you have not applied for or received a certification assessment in the past. [Note: See below for information about applying with non-Canadian credentials]

Print off the form, complete, date and sign both pages, attach any required documentation and send it to AECENL. Your application will be assessed and if an orientation course(s) is required you will be sent an enrollment letter in the mail. If you are eligible to be certified you will be sent your certification directly.

I am already certified for one classification (eg. Preschool) and now I want to complete orientation course to add another classification to my certification - what do I need to do?

Let's say you already have Preschool certification but you also want to be certified to work in a School-Age Child care setting - all you need to do is send a written request to AECENL (via mail, email or fax) including the name of the course, your birthdate and your full mailing address. Once we receive your request we will send you enrollment information for the course. A description of the available orientation courses is available under the Orientation tab.

How to renew my certification or get my certification changed?

The Renewal and Reissue application forms (also found in the sidebar) are used by those who already hold a certification number, even if it lapsed a long time ago. This Renewal application is used to apply for renewal of your certification and the Reissue application for a change in your current certification or classification.

[NOTE: If you already hold certification and wish to complete an orientation course to add a classification please contact the Registrar in writing (e-mail mail, or fax) and enrollment information will be sent to you - no application form is required.

General FAQs:

Are you Certified/Registered to Work in the Child Care Sector in Another Province/Territory ... or ... are you thinking about moving to another Province/Territory?

If you hold current/valid certification/registration in another Province or Territory you can apply for NL Child Care Services Certification under the Federal Government Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT). Simply complete the Initial Application Form and check off "Agreement on Internal Trade" option on page 2. Attach a copy of your certificate to the application form and you will be given the equivalent Level of Certification here in NL (note: equivalent level may not be the same level - different provinces and territories have different names on their levels - you will be given the level in NL that reflects the same qualifications as the level given in the other province or territory).

Are you applying for certification with non-Canadian Credentials - using a diploma or degree from outside Canada?

Non-Canadian Credential Documentation: It is required that you send a credential assessment (comparing your studies to studies done in one of Canada's education systems) from World Education Services with your post-secondary documentation. If documentation is in a language other than English an official translation is required. AECENL will then determine applicability to Early Childhood Education requirements in our Province. Program and course descriptions, and contact information for the post-secondary institution are required to facilitate assessment.

AECENL will require officially translated transcripts and post-secondary certificates / diplomas / degrees to be submitted with an Initial Application for Certification in order to assess your certification status to work in regulated child care services in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador.

You might find the Foreign Credentials Referral Office of the Government of Canada (Bureau d'orientation relatif aux titres de competences etrangers) helpful. Click here for Newfoundland and Labrador information on this site (ici pour le francais ).

I am certified - does this mean I'm an AECENL member?

No, certification is separate from membership - in order to be a member of AECENL there is an annual membership fee. To check out the benefits of an AECENL membership go to the "About Us" tab on the main menu and click on memberships on the left-side panel!