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Orientation courses provide a means to receive a particular classification of certification. They are an introduction to the age groups/settings for which you would like to be certified. Orientation courses do not necessarily change your level of certification, but would add a classification of certification. If you have completed an ECE programme you may not need these orientation courses - check with the Registrar to find out.

When you apply for Child Care Services Certification in Newfoundland and Labrador, AECENL's Registrar will determine if an orientation course or courses are necessary to receive the certification classifications for which you applied. If you require an orientation course registration information will be sent to you.

If you are already certified and want to add a classification (type) to your certification that you do not already have, you simply need to request the classification from AECENL in writing - through mail, fax or email - you do not need to send an application form. Once your request is received the Registrar will determine if an orientation course is necessary and if so will send enrollment information to you. Be sure to include your current mailing address with this request to make sure our files are current.

Orientation courses are offered through AECENL in correspondence format (the Preschool and School-Age Orientation are also available in online format). Other groups/individuals offering the courses must have prior approval from AECENL in order for the completion certificate to be recognized for certification purposes. Check with AECENL before enrolling with an outside group.

The courses are non-credit. A registration fee is required which is refunded to you when you complete the course and return all our materials. A description of each of the courses is available by clicking on the link(s) in the sidebar on this page.

Assignments will not be accepted by AECENL from individuals who have not registered for the course and received assignments from the Registrar.

Assessment of the orientation courses is not based on a "pass/fail" or letter-grade system. Your assignments are sent to AECENL's Registrar for assessment as "complete" or "incomplete". An incomplete assignment (or partial assignment) will be returned to you for rewrite/resubmission. An explanation of areas where further clarification or information is required will accompany the incomplete assignment. AECENL's objective is to make sure that you understand the concepts and information contained in the courses. The Registrar will work with you to achieve a "complete" on your assignment and on your course.

An information booklet about the orientation courses is available for download in the sidebar on this page. More information about the Levels and Classifications of Certification can be found by going to the "certification" page on this website and downloading the certification information booklet located in the sidebar on that page.