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Preschool Orientation Course

The Preschool Orientation Course (PSOC) gives an introduction to the care and education of children ages 2 to 5 years of age in a centre-based child care setting and comprises 4 modules of study (6 assignments):

  • Developing a Program Philosophy (1 assignment)
  • Developing Relationships and Guiding Behaviour (2 assignments)
  • Developing an Effective Program (2 assignments)
  • Health, Safety & Nutrition. (1 assignment)

The course is available in 2 formats - correspondence and online (internet-based).

Periodically there are assignments to be completed and sent to the Registrar for assessment. Upon successful completion of (or exemption from) all 6 assignments of the Preschool Orientation course you will be eligible to receive Child Care Centre - Trainee Level – Preschool Certification – regardless of other Levels or Classifications of CCS Certification that may be held.

  • On-line (Internet-based): Same course requirements as correspondence with additional links and video clips available. Assignments are uploaded electronically - paper and postage-less way to complete the course!

The course is offered in both formats on a semester-basis, three times per year - Fall (September through December), Winter (January through April) and Spring/Summer Intercession (May through August).

Contact AECENL for information regarding registration and fees.

If you have accessed the course through an organization other than AECENL please check with AECENL prior to beginning to ensure that your completion certificate will be acceptable for certification purposes.