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Obtaining Child Care Services Certification with International Post-Secondary Education


If you have either graduated from a post-secondary certificate/diploma and/or a degree program and/ or have successfully completed individual courses from a non-Canadian post-secondary institution the following documentation is required:
  • Credential assessment from World Education Services (www.wes.or/ca/) or other educational assessment services approved by AECENL:
  • Official transcript from the post-secondary institution that indicates the name of the student, their student number, and completion of the program
  • An official report of course hours and a course description obtained for each course that has been successfully completed
  • Official translation of documentation if documentation is in a language other than English.
  • Contact information for the post-secondary institution
Check the Guide for Internationally Trained Individuals on how to apply for certification.
Please note:
  • When holding non-Canadian credentials CCS Certification assessment may take longer to process.
  • The assessment of the initial application may determine that all or part of an orientation course or courses are needed. These courses are not offered outside of NL. Information about the courses we offer can be found under the “Orientation Courses” tab on our website​​​​​​
  • if the assessment of the initial application determines eligibility for Child Care Centre - Trainee Level Certification then proof of registration into an ECE program from a provincially recognized post-secondary institution needs to be submitted before certification can be issued.​​​​​​​


How to obtain initial certification:

  • Download and print the Initial Application Form
    • Complete the Initial Application Form and sign
  • Obtain required documentation 
    • A copy of  valid certification from the Canadian province or territory you are transferring from.
  • The completed and signed Initial Application Form with supporting documents can be mailed, dropped off, faxed or emailed.

     When emailing your initial application package:

  • Email it to:
  • Only the most current Initial Application Form is accepted for email submission.
  • Only eligible PDF scanned documentation will be accepted. Photos (e.g., .jpg) are not acceptable as they are unable to produce legible copies.
  • Only one email with all attachments should be submitted
  • Put your name (first and last) and Initial Application in the subject line of the e-mail before sending.
  • Retain a copy of the original e-mail for your record, if it is requested to be resubmitted.
  • When you receive a bounce-back message from account, this is confirmation that your application has been received by AECENL.