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Professional Learning

How can I obtain the required 30 hours of professional learning for the renewal of my certificate?

There are many ways you can find and complete Professional Learning opportunities:

  • Online-workshops
  • AECENL's PL Workshop Lending Library
  • Workplace
  • Community Centres, Schools, Public Libraries
  • Recreation Programs
  • Child Care Services
  • University and/or College courses
  • Family Child Care Agencies
  • Family Resource Programs
  • Organizations, Societies and Associations
  • Webinars

Check our AECENL's website calendar and links for PL opportunities from other organizations and associations in NL. If you are not sure if a PL event would count as PL hours feel free to contact either the Registrar.

Professional Learning Reminders:

  • Keep original documentation of PL event in your personal file.
  • If the event that you attend does not issue a PL certificate you can document the name of the event, date, time and presenter's name on a piece of paper and have the presenter sign it at the PL event, it is your responsibility to acquire documentation.
  • Ensure the PL is related to early learning and child care sector.
  • If you lose an original PL certificate an original written confirmation letter from the presenter (with his/her signature) can be used for PL.
  • Individual membership in your name to a child care related organization can be counted as 1/2 hour of PL per membership year to a maximum of 1 hour per year (AECENL membership counts as 1 hour as it is a duo membership with CCCF).
  • Completion of an orientation course through AECENL (after you have been certified) is counted as 5 hours of PL.
  • First aid and mandatory workplace health and safety courses are NOT considered professional development

IMPORTANT Webinar workshops

Many free webinars are being offered which may be of interest to those in early learning and child care sector (please refer to the calendar section of our website ).

To ensure that a webinar will be eligible for PL hours, documentation that confirms the participant's registration and completion of the webinar is required. The documentation needs to include the participant's name, host or facilitator's name, topic covered (topic must have child care focus), time and date of the workshop. This documentation can be found in the participant's registration confirmation email and the "thank-you" for participating email that is sent after the webinar. These two emails need to be printed and saved as documentation. Sometimes a webinar will issue PL certificate, we do not accept them as original PL documentation.

If you are not able to watch the webinar after registering because of the time of day or for other reasons some organizations will send a “sorry you missed the webinar” e-mail that includes a link to the webinar recording. In order to have a recorded webinar be counted as PL you are still required to register for the webinar and print the registration confirmation e-mail, along with printing the “sorry you missed the event” e-mail and then print the PL certificate that is available after watching the recording ( it is the only time we accept a webinar PL certificate). The reason for not accepting the PL certificate on its own is because it is a blank template where you type in your own name and in the past people have used it to provide PL to other people who have not viewed the webinar. Whenever in doubt regarding the eligibility of a PL event please contact the Registrar at (1-877 toll free) 579-3004.