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Live Workshop Series 


AECENL hosts a series of live, online workshops via Zoom throughout the year, featuring guest facilitators and covering a variety of topics. You can find more about our upcoming live workshop series by visiting the upcoming events section of our website, reading about our monthly PL flyer in AECENL’s membership email, or through our Facebook and Instagram accounts. AECENL also offers ongoing opportunities for certified ECEs to register for First Light’s Indigenous Cultural Diversity Training, a three-hour online PL event funded through the Canada-Wide Child Care Agreement between the federal and provincial government.  


Indigenous Cultural Diversity Training and Roots of Knowledge 

First Light offers educational experiences through the Indigenous Cultural Diversity Training program to learn about the Indigenous groups in our province, our history, and how that information can be beneficial to our community as a whole. It is important that we not only learn about the cultural differences that we may see across different groups, and understand the history behind them but that we examine each learner’s own culture and how that impacts our everyday lives. These sessions are provided in a safe space, for individuals and groups to come together to explore cultural humility, enhance self-awareness and they are great professional development opportunities for any professional working with Indigenous people.  


Indigenous Cultural Diversity Foundational Training Session  

First Light's comprehensive three-hour foundational training offers a thorough introduction to the Indigenous groups and history of Newfoundland and Labrador. The session is rich in content, incorporating video elements, and encourages participant engagement through questions and answers. Key topics covered include Cultural Humility, Understanding Culture, Statistics & Terminology, Indigenous Groups, Symbols, Ceremonies, Elders, Colonization & The Indian Act, Residential Schools, Confederation, Intergenerational Trauma, Cultural Appreciation & Tokenism, Culturally Insensitive Phrases, as well as Stereotypes & Myths.  

RECOMMENDED FOR: Anyone interested in gaining an understanding of Indigenous cultures in the province. Anyone interested in taking the second workshop, Roots of Knowledge.  

To Register for Indigenous Cultural Diversity Training, email with your full name and preferred workshop date. To find upcoming training dates, visit AECENL’s upcoming events page here.   


Roots of Knowledge ECE Specific Training Session  

This professional learning session has been customized with Early Childhood Educators in mind. Roots of Knowledge is a collaborative project between First Light and AECENL, with the aim to deepen the roots of knowledge and understanding of Indigenous groups and cultural teachings, while supporting educators to create culturally responsive learning environments for children. Key topics to be included are Cultural Sharing & Respect, Indigenous Groups in NL, Name Pronunciation, Appreciation & Appropriation, Indigenous Cultural Teachings, as well as Cultural Teachings in Practice in Early Learning Settings.  

 RECOMMENDED FOR: Educators upon completing First Light’s foundational session who will be setting the foundation of learning for the next generation, that’s you!