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Self-Paced Online Workshops


AECENL is offering self-paced workshops online! 

Click here for the AECENL Online Workshop Form.

Once we receive your registration form you will be sent a username and password for your workshop by e-mail - if you have not received your username and password within 2 weeks of mailing your registration form and fee check to make sure it has not been sent to your junk mail folder - then, if still missing, please call (877) 579-3004 to make sure we received your registration! You can log-in using the link in the sidebar to the left or go to our Links section and use the "AECENL Online Workshops" link to take you to the log-in page.

You will have 2 weeks from the date you first log-in to a workshop to complete the workshop at your leisure ... you can do it all in one sitting or visit regularly over the 2 week period. When you successfully complete the workshop you will be able to print off a personalized PL certificate!

When registering for AECENL Online workshops, it should be noted that they can only be completed once as PL hours towards certification renewal.

Available Now:

  • Creating a Greener Child Care Setting (3 hours PL)
  • Stress Management (1.5 hours PL)
  • Practitioners and Families Together: Self-Esteem (2.0 hours PL) - in partnership with the CCCF
  • Workshop Facilitation Skills (2.0 hours PL)
  • Children with Special Needs in Family Child Care (2 hours PL)
  • Creativity in Family Child Care (2 hours PL)
  • Guiding Children's Behavior in Family Child Care (2 hours PL)
  • Working with Families in Family Child Care (2 hours PL)
  • Infant Attachment and Relationships in Family Child Care (2 hours PL) *
  • Caring for Infants in Family Child Care (2 hours PL) *
  • Infant Growth & Development (2 hours PL)*
  • Learning Through Play in Family Child Care (2 hours PL)
  • Anxiety in Children (2 hours PL)
  • Children and Literacy in Action (2 hours PL)
  • Physical Activity and Children (2 hours PL)
  • The Importance of Professional Development (2 hours PL)
  • Positively You (2 hours PL)
  • Transitions & Routines(2 hours PL)
  • Diversity in Child Care(2 hours PL)
  • Internet 101(2 hours PL)
  • Fun with Science(2 hours PL)
  • Mindfulness in Child Care(2 hours PL)
  • Provocations and Documentations(2 hours PL)
  • Social and Emotional Development: Fostering Resiliency and Self-Regulation (2 hours PL)
  • Fun with Math (2 hours of PL)
  • Fun with Music (2 hours of PL)
  • Fun with Loose Parts (2 hours of PL)
  • Puppetry in Child Care (2 hours of PL)

Coming Soon: 

  1. Supporting Grieving Children (2 hours of PL) 
  2. Outdoor Play (2 hours of PL) 
  3. Reflective Practice (2 hours of PL) 


* Online Infant Family Child Care Workshops are free for Regulated Family Child Care providers. A photocopy of family child care license or short note from home visitor/child care consultant is required to do the workshop free of charge.