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How to Access the AECENL PL Lending Library 

AECENL has a library of workshop kits listed on our website. These kits include: 

  • DVD workshops and premade workshops
  • Handouts Materials for presentations
  • Attendance sheets
  • Evaluation sheets
  • PL certificates 


Where can I find the list of workshop titles? 

You can visit or click this link to see what we offer: PL Lending Library List 


Who can facilitate a workshop from the PL Lending Library? 

  • All Child Care Services (CCS) certified ECEs may facilitate DVD and pre-recorded workshops coupled with discussion questions supplied by AECENL.

  • For Out of the Box and other workshops that require preparation and direct facilitation, facilitators will hold valid Level 2 CCS certification or higher plus a minimum of 2 years’ experience in a licensed child care setting and have completed AECENL’s Workshop Facilitation Skills workshop. Facilitators are encouraged to review adult learning principles prior to workshop facilitation.

What do I need to know about the Workshop Facilitation Skills online workshop?

  • The cost to complete this facilitation skills workshop is $10 for non- AECENL members and $5 for AECENL members. 
  • AECENL members are entitled to a free online workshop as part of their annual membership. 
  • If you would like to register for the Workshop Facilitation Skills online workshop, please fill out the following form and submit to Online Workshop or Refresher Course Registration Form 


What do I do once I choose my workshop(s)? 

Once you choose a workshop you’d like to borrow, you can fill out and submit the following: PL Lending Library Form


Is there a cost associated with borrowing workshops? 

Workshops from the PL Lending Library are free, but AECENL requires a retaining fee for each lending library selection. This retaining fee covers the cost to replace the materials in the event they are damaged or not returned. AECENL will accept cash, cheque, or money transfer, but the preference is for a cheque to be submitted with your lending form and returned to you once materials are brought back in good repair. The cheque is only cashed in the event that the materials are damaged or not returned. 


What if I live outside of the metro area and can’t pick up or drop off lending material? 

For child care services outside of the metro area, AECENL will mail workshop materials free of charge. It is the borrower’s responsibility to pay for return shipping. You can include these costs in your QEP grant request or be reimbursed for return shipping through AECENL’s PL Grant Fund. 


Who signs PL certificates for PL Lending Library workshops facilitated in-house? 

For workshops facilitated by program staff in-house to be accepted for Child Care Services Certification renewal, the person signing the PL certificate needs to be non-affiliated with the centre. The non-affiliated person who signs the PL certificate does not need to stay for the duration of the event, but they do need to come and verify that the event is happening. If your PL day also includes a visiting facilitator that is not affiliated with the centre, they can sign the PL certificates for the PL Lending Library workshops. 

Is there a question we didn’t answer? 
Email: or call (709) 579-8993.